Thursday, August 16, 2007

Video Presentation of StarrPort

An eight-minute video presentation of StarrPort by the inventor Jim Starry himself. Learn about some key points and connected background information. He states clearly why gravity and applied natural laws work, even or especially with mega-structures like airports. The savings with this green airport are so huge, that we can not afford to wait any longer. Spread the word.
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Website almost ready

The StarrPort/s need/s to be built now. Its features are so convincing - saving the environment, saving time, saving space, therefore saving money in cumulative ways, plus less noise as well - that we are in process of setting up a business structure. We will realize the first StarrPort/s somewhere on Earth rather sooner than later. StarrPortCorp will be introduced on the stock exchange. See more at the website.

Friday, June 1, 2007

StarrPort Corp announced

With my business partner Emile van Essen, I participated in a day on Aviation and Environment in Geneva, organized by ATAG Air Transport Action Group in March. We attended a pre-presentation of the website which is in the air by now (end of May 07). We were able to represent once more the StarrPort and to draw attention and excitement to its unique environmentally-friendlier features. By passing out leaflets and flyers, we had a lot of interesting personal talks. For the first time, our financial concept for StarrPort Corp (under construction) was presented.

We plan to publish on the website (in preparation) all of Jim Starry's 123 patent-pending features of the StarrPort, with a basic description accessible freely to everyone. When the patents will be applied, of course a negotiatiable fee will be applicable. This should be no point because every patent helps to save a massive amount of money, and space, and time, and harmful emissions, etc.

The patents which are already applied (un)knowingly or partially in many places, will have to be updated. The maximum benefit, optimized for specific circumstances, will be achieved in consulting the inventor himself, Jim Starry.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Meeting in University of NC

Jim Starry's presentation at the University of North Carolina did happen indeed. Here is a link to the announcement:
Some 50 students were present, and most probably, something valueable will come out of this first contact. As a first result, Jim Starry and John Kasarda plan to write together articles in magazines and such.