Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Short Starrport Introduction

Jim Starry's concept of his Starrport, presented by himself:

This is an excerpt from an 8:36 minutes video at lifeandlove.tv
(Login with a small contribution of US$ 9,- for a lifetime subscription. More than 200 green/lifestyle-related and inspiring videos in good quality!)

'Towards A Better Airport Region' Conference

(See also other blog) - - - Friday 31st October 2014 was a conference (link in Dutch) at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on possible future scenarios for Schiphol Airport and its surroundings. The studies were presented by Podium voor Architectuur Haarlemmermeer, together with Schiphol in cooperation with ETH Zurich. We were able to draw attention to the Starrport. The Starrport became a main discussion point during the pause, and we expect to contact soon various stakeholders. We will keep you updated.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Radio 1 broadcast (NL)

Yesterday morning, a Dutch broadcast portrayed a plan for an airport situated in the North Sea near the coast of the Netherlands. My colleague Guido Hoogenboom called in and could present the Starrport concept for a few minutes.
Later, I wrote a reaction on the website of that radio programme (see link above).
This was the text (in Dutch):

Mijn collega Guido Hoogenboom mocht voor vijf minuten uitleggen welke oplossingen de Starrport voor het milieu biedt. De Amerikaanse eco-designer Jim Starry heeft een vliegveld ontworpen dat (wat we nog niet gepubliceerd hebben, maar in persoonlijke gesprekken met hem aan bod kwam) net zo goed in zee aangelegd kan worden. Over de Starrport hebben we uitgebreid met verschillende instanties (o.a. toen Flyland) en belanghebbenden gesproken. Met de directeur van Lelystad waren er verschillende gesprekken. Een jaar geleden op duurzaamheidsdag 11-11-10 nam de directeur van Schiphol Jos Nijhuis en de directeur van Grounds kennis van deze oplossing. Met de architect Wini Maas die verbonden is aan TU Delft, en eveneens met verschillende personen bij vliegveldenbouwer NACO waren we aan tafel. Het volgende is een uitnodiging aan Jim Starry zodat hij persoonlijk (een deel van) de 123 innovaties die hij ontwikkeld heeft voor de Starrport kan toelichten.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Clean Technology in AWE

Congress in Utrecht (the Netherlands) - planned in 2012 (postponed)

In the new Millennium, unsolved problems of the 20th Century need to be addressed. Limits to growth have become staringly clear. Recycling and a better use of resources will buy us little time. Smarter and nature-inspired technologies will offer a much-anticipated opportunity to create a sustainable and more humane environment.

In this day-long Congress, innovative approaches to clean technology solutions will focus on Air, Water and Earth (AWE). The inspiring work of the American eco-inventor Jim Starry will be presented for the first time exclusively in the Netherlands. His approach will be enhanced and complemented by experts (to be announced). Breakout sessions will invite everyone for personal input and inspirational co-creation. The programme will conclude with a prize draw for the most accessible, practical, affordable and realizable ideas from those present.

To pre-register for the 'Clean Technology in AWE' Conference, please write an e-mail to conference@recyclus.com
(A website will be up later for booking directly.)

Bank ING account 4402091, Recyclus.com, Amsterdam
Registered Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, nr. 33205929

The conference with Jim Starry is scheduled during the ISAS-Festival in Amsterdam, now planned in February 2012. We will need some support for this. The most desirable case would be when somewhere in the world, the first Starrport will be realized as a beginning of a new chapter in Aviation & Environment. The benefits are numerous. Built on one third of the land, for half the cost and yielding four times the revenue of a known airport. Plus huge time savings, security enhancements, maximum comfort, minimal environmental impact. Part of an advanced overall concept for rapid individual and public transport.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lecture (in Dutch) on Recyclus 2014

Freed together with his business partner Emile will give a lecture for the Be-Foundation in Huizen (the Netherlands) on Sunday 17 May 09. Subjects dear to our heart will be addressed. Soon more on this here, or on the website.